Love your job. Enjoy collecting data.

Redefining how businesses collect data. Field Reps use Mobile Devices to transmit data in realtime.



Plan for tomorrow by seeing what’s happening today.

Simplifying how businesses receive and use field data. Managers access field data enabling better decision making.



Field Reps love Figjam. It’s so simple.

Intuitive processing means quicker completion of jobs.





Management prefer accurate information.

Precise data capture & transfer means better bottom lines.



Some of the Brands we help Reach African Shelves

Don’t hesitate! Give it a go. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way.”

Probrands signed up to Figjam at its infant stage and we haven’t looked back once! I looked at several options but what satisfied us with Figjam was the customer service, product support and versatility. Most importantly it has been developed as an extremely simple program to use and uses minimal data vs other packages. Many thanks.

Calum Philp

Managing Director, Probrands

We find FigJam very useful as it relays real time information to the back office. It’s like being in the store yourself. Stock outages are easily picked up and communicated. Orders are real time and scheduling for invoicing, picking and delivery can be done swiftly. We believe it is this efficiency that contributed greatly to meeting the sales target for March 2017.

Dothan Moyo

Manager, Muller & Phipps