Redefining how distribution businesses collect data

Field Reps use Mobile Devices to transmit data in realtime.



Simplifying how businesses receive & use field data.

Managers access Field data enabling Better Decision Making.



Field Reps love Figjam. It’s so simple.

Intuitive processing means quicker completion of jobs.





Management prefer accurate information.

Precise data capture & transfer means better bottom lines.



Don’t hesitate on giving this a go, the team will help you every step of the way!”

Some of the Brands we help Reach African Shelves

Probrands signed up to Figjam at its infant stage and we haven’t looked back once! I looked at several options but what satisfied us with Figjam was the customer service, product support and versatility. Most importantly it has been developed as an extremely simple program to use and uses minimal data vs other packages. Many thanks.

Calum Philp

Managing Director, Probrands

We have been using the Figjam app since August this year . It is a great product with additional features, geared to get the most out of a sales visit. It is very user friendly and has virtually eliminated errors during the processing of orders within our organisation. The product had certainly streamlined our ordering process and I would have no hesitation in recommending the product to anyone in the distribution business.

Dave Evans

Manager, Coldchain Distribution