About Us

 FigJam is complete mobile data collection solution. It is a cloud-based software for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time

Gain real-time insights & get custom analytics to help improve your business.

Make faster, more precise and effective decisions that can make a competitive difference and help your business achieve greater efficiency.

Key Benefits

Your entire business will reap rewards  from managers to on-the-ground field reps.


Increase Sales


Enhance Productiviity


Order Management


Improve Efficiency

Sales Reps

With order and inventory management, you gain full visibility across your entire supply chain. 


Geo-Fencing and auto check-ins allow for automated location based alerts.


Geo-Fencing and auto check-ins allow for automated location based alerts.

Market Research

Business intelligence is  absolutely necessary. Data collection and analysis tools provided will drive positive outcomes for business.

Field Visits and Inspections

The digital forms feature encapsulates a number of data capturing tools on its own. You also save big by taking your business paperless.

Applying FigJam Features


Successful businesses depend on seamless functionality. Simply assign tasks to field teams.



Field teams perform assigned activities on mobile on store visit  



Monitor your sales and gauge which product lines are moving quickly.


Generate insights which will allow you to close more deals, boost sales, and improve forecast accuracy

Including support & training

“I looked at several options but what satisfied us with FigJam was the customer service, product support and versatality. Most importantly it has been developed as an exteremely simple program to use and uses minimal data vs other packages”

Calum Philp  | Managing director, probrands


Company Distribution: 1 386 outlets
FigJam User: 4 years




User: 5 years


Sales Increase