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How distribution companies are working smarter with FIGJAM

FIGJAM comprises of digital tools that allow field teams to seamlessly generate, collect and relay real time data back to management teams, empowering them to keep a close eye on remote business operations.  Today, we'd like to share 5 FIGJAM features that help...

3 ways distribution companies can drive sales as lock down restrictions are lifted

According to FIGJAM's research FMCG distribution companies are sellingtheir products at higher volumes, and with bulk buying still in effect products have been “flying off the shelves” with consumers aiming to make less trips to outlets. Before FMCG distributors can...

3 ways FIGJAM cut order/delivery time in half

Competition in the retail industry is fierce. To grow sales and maintain your edge, you need to make sure your products are available in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. To do this, distribution companies need to manage their resources...

5 benefits of integrating your ERP system with field merchandising software

One of FIGJAM’s primary aims was to reduce human error and increase transparency while digitising the field merchandising processes such as stock-on-hand. The integration of your ERP with a field merchandising software solution like FIGJAM offers a competitive edge to...

6 ways your business will benefit from Live Dashboards

The right information displayed on a live dashboard can revolutionize both your success and enjoyment in running your business.   1. Gain total visibility into your business. With your customised dashboard, you will know exactly what’s going on in your business...