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3 features that will up your in-store merchandising strategy

Competition in the retail industry is fierce. To grow sales and maintain your edge, you need to make sure your products are available in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. Determining this isn’t always easy―companies need a solid retail...

How to capitalize on big data in 2020

If you’re a business owner, manager or head of department, start capitalising on the data that your organisation has already collected. Ensure that key business decisions are being based on meaningful reports generated using accurate real-time rich data-sets.WHAT IS...

How to leverage BI for operational efficiency in the FMCG industry

The biggest players in the FMCG sector have benefited by leveraging business intelligence to improve their performance.The retail market in Africa has been trading on its gut instinct for years. The ability of business patterns to back decisions with evidence of...

3 Ways for FMCG Distributors to Drive Sales Over the Christmas Season

 FMCGs generally sell at lower prices and slimmer margins than durable consumer goods. However, they also sell at higher volumes, which has given FMCGs a reputation for “flying off the shelves” with consumers making frequent purchases. But before FMCG distributors can...

Must-have merchandising reports for 2020

Merchandisers have access to important, on-the-ground product information which when collected and analysed correctly can improve merchandising strategy as well as sales. This is the third e-book  that FIGJAM has put together. We discuss seven main merchandising...