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FIGJAM’s most used features.

FIGJAM is a set of digital tools that allows field teams to seamlessly generate, collect and relay real time data back to management teams, empowering them to keep a close eye on remote business operations.  Here are some of the most commonly used features: Customer...

5 Simple Steps to SAGE Evolution Integration with FIGJAM

Integrating your ERP system with FIGJAM will provide a host of benefits to your sales teams. Integration will provide consistent and up-to-date static data as well as providing the benefit of real-time order processing. Your invoicing team and sales team not longer...

4 Golden Ways to Build Rich Data Reports.

21st century digital data capture solutions have radically changed the process of capturing and reporting data. Old methods saw organizations devoting massive amounts of time and resources to producing and maintaining paper records. With the revolution of digital...

Driving Better Business Insights in Africa

Africa’s teaming with animals. And data. Make sure you’re not avoiding the data! Anyone who’s spent any time on the continent knows that there’s no place like Africa when it comes to extraordinary wildlife experiences. Equally anyone who’s spent any time...

3 ways to make business intelligence work for you.

The biggest players in the FMCG sector have benefited by leveraging business intelligence to improve their performance.The retail market in Africa has been trading on its gut instinct for years. The ability of business patterns to back decisions with evidence of...