Field Activities in Real-time

FigJam’s powerful web portal gives managers real-time sight of their teams’ field activities, simultaneously translating this data into professional & meaningful infographics.


Simple Management Access

Our Web Portal ensures that your management team have a real time overview of all activities in the field. Navigation is user friendly, and with our multiple tiers of access you can allocate different management members specific levels of control. Data fields can be edited easily & changes can be seen instantly on devices in the field.

Our web portal dashboard produces quick-glance key metrics, including exception reporting for customer visits. Key features of the web portal are highlighted below.

Direct to Email

FigJam facilitates your teams’ activities by enabling field information to be sent to selected email addresses as it is gathered. This means that your business will never miss a beat. FigJam will give your business the advantage of being able to respond quickly to important field data.

Monitor Activities

FigJam allows managers to keep tabs on what job activities are being carried out by their team members, with specific geo-location maps to provide the “where” & “when” details of field work.

Device Specific Users

FigJam helps you manage your field teams. No matter how many reps you have, it provides customisable roles and data for each on an intimate level.

Multiple Pricing & Discounts

FigJam allows the most complex pricing schedules to be easily deployed through its dynamic pricing and discount matrix tool. Better still this can be drawn direct from your ERP Accounts Platform! Learn more.

Productivity Measured

FigJam enables managers to acquire key insights into their reps and merchandisers performances. You can easily compare teams’ performances against their previous data records and much more.

Searched Data

FigJam provides managers with simple search tools in order for them to effortlessly find that key set of data they are looking for.

Our localised support teams will provide managers with training & ongoing support so that they can get the most out of FigJam.

Maximise efficiency by integrating FigJam into your accounts solution, minimising errors and effort in your supply chain. FigJam will integrate with most ERP solutions in the market.