Display Execution Made Easy

FigJam’s combination of photo, category, price surveys and geo-tagging solutions provide merchandisers with the ability to send supervisors everything they need to ensure your brands’ displays are executed perfectly.


Cost effective

FigJam is designed to work really well on small screens, so that your business does not need to worry about large capital outlays supplying large screen devices to large merchandising teams. If your business needs help on which devices are best suited to Africa, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from our support team’s expertise.



Easily capture and submit categorised photo documentation of your brands in the field.

Brand activation for customers can be measured and compared in real-time.

Merchandising analysis is made easy using job category technology.

Managers push price survey requests down to merchandisers.

Data inputting is fast and simple.

Product search time is minimised using categorisation and fast scrollers.




FigJam’s proprietary mult-principle system allows a merchandiser to act on behalf of multiple clients without risking data mixing.

Principles’ data is stored, accessed and displayed separately but made conveniently accessible to merchandisers for fast updating.



Check-in tool provides reps with transparent and accountable records of their customer visits.

Auto check-in using geo-fencing capabilities minimises rep workload.

GPS co-ordinates of each visit ensures reps can easily find customer store locations again.

Quick stock survey allows reps to provide fast reliable data of what’s on the shelf.

Back room stocks are also easily measured in conjunction with front stock.

Product search and fast scrollers easily sift through thousands of lines.

Product categories allow sections of work to be completed one at a time.

Quick save functionality allows reps to return to jobs at a later time.

Our localised support teams will provide reps with in-field training & ongoing support through popular communication channels.