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Hardware Specs & Requirements

Initially you will need an internet connection or data (about 30MB) and a device that runs android.

Android Specs

Your device will need at least Android Version 4.0 and about 1GB RAM

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“I looked at several options but what satisfied us with FigJam was the customer service, product support and versatality. Most importantly it has been developed as an exteremely simple program to use and users minimal data vs other packages”

Calum Philp  | Managing director, probrands


Company Distribution: 1 386 outlets
FigJam User: 4 years




User: 5 years


Sales Increase



FigJam is a multi-tool app for business developed specifically for the African retail & distribution market that allows seamless transfer of data to and from the field.  Field reps and merchandisers can easily send field data back to management in real time (e.g. stock orders) in a controlled and secure environment.