Empower Your Management Teams

Besides setting up direct notifications and integrating with accounting software, the cloud portal enables you to access your business data any place, any time in real-time

Gain real-time insights & get custom analytics to help improve your business.

Make faster, more precise and effective decisions that can make a competitive difference and help your business achieve greater efficiency.

Secure access to your business data

Control who receives what notifications on a per customer per category per job basis. Keep everyone in the loop.

Multi-tool management

Under the hood functionality makes your business boom.

Multi-Tenancy Control

Allow your field reps to wear multiple hats by accessing different databases through the same app

Dynamic Pricing

Our comprehensive pricing matrices allow same products to have different prices on a per store, per product, per time frame basis.

ERP Integration

Syncing data directly with your in-house ERP gives you exceptional business accuracy

Custom Reports

Get custom reporting over and above standard offerings.

Automated delivery of customised reports

Set your reports to use data from a specific time period programmed to deliver on a pre-determined basis.


  • Sales Values per Product Line or per Rep 64% 64%
  • Sales Quantities 94% 94%
  • Customer Visits vs Orders Gained 58% 58%
  • Out of Stock Events 16% 16%

Let the sales do the talking

Monitor your sales and gauge which product lines are moving quickly.
Set targets and quickly establish which field team members are performing and which are not.

Productivity Reports

Establish how your resources are managed. Productivity reports are especially useful when you want to see measurable improvements in the amount of work your team generates.



  • Exception Reporting – Stores Not Visited 30% 30%
  • Rep Effectiveness Report 89% 89%
  • Geo Location Reporting 50% 50%
  • Weekly Custom Reports 60% 60%

Sales Efficiency

By analyzing your client base, you can generate insights which will allow you to close more deals, boost sales, and improve forecast accuracy. You may also be able to forecast sales and analyze client service satisfaction. This will in turn result in better decision making, improved sales rates and improved forecast accuracy.

“We find FigJam very useful as it relays real time information to the back office. It’s like being in the store yourself. Stock outages are easily picked up and communicated. Orders are real time and scheduling for invoicing, picking and delivery can be done swiftly. We believe it is this efficiency that contributed greatly to meeting our sales targets”


Company Distribution: 1070 outlets
FigJam User: 3 years







Customer Satisfaction



FigJam is a multi-tool app for business developed specifically for the African retail & distribution market that allows seamless transfer of data to and from the field.  Field reps and merchandisers can easily send field data back to management in real time (e.g. stock orders) in a controlled and secure environment.