The perfect field sales companion

Sep 21, 2018Field Merchandising Software, Sales

FigJam has several advantages that make it the perfect field sales companion.

It’s resource efficient, specialized, and streamlined to help you sell more and sell better.

It’s Mobile Friendly

FigJam is the easiest field sales tool to use on the go. Being an Afrocentric app it works well on 2G data as well as in offline mode which serves well when working remotely. You can document visits with customers, capture raw data, and stay organized all from your mobile device. Also worth noting is that FigJam allows you to easily capture photos, which is important for any type of field merchandising or site visiting role.

Real Time Data

If you’re using spreadsheets, your data is only updated when you physically input information and save. With FigJam, sales visits automatically sync with the web based version so Managers can view activities as they occur, saving time and effort in the process.

Location Services

Switching to a Mobile Field Sales tool like FigJam introduces new benefits that could never be found carrying a clipboard around. Location Services introduces Geographic Analysis where you can use the visual map to analyze your territories and identify where your resources are currently allocated and where you might want to start focusing your efforts.

Cloud Services

With FigJam, you can securely access your data from anywhere at any time, all you need is a username and password. Your information doesn’t sit on a hard drive being inaccessible and subject to theft or physical damage.

Automated Professional Reports

You could spend hours and hours making the perfect spreadsheet, but why do that, when you could just use FigJam? The FigJam Team can tailor professional reports with any criteria/information you need at a moment’s notice. These reports can be automated and received on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Less Administration

With FigJam, sales managers can focus on managing their team. You no longer need to dedicate time and resources to building, updating, and maintaining manual spreadsheets especially the thousands of entries after a long sales quarter. Let FigJam automate those time consuming tasks that draw resources away from your business.

BONUS! FigJam is FUN!

Last but not least, using FigJam is fun! Give sales managers and reps a tool that encourages progress,  focus and engagement. The benefits of having a tool that boosts team morale can outweigh almost anything when it comes to productivity.