How FIGJAM improves merchandiser efficiency

Sep 25, 2018Field Merchandising Software

What happens when merchandisers have all the necessary tools to perform tasks at outlet stores on their mobile device?



Time is saved

Mobile data collection forms and instant photo reports save a lot of time, allowing merchandisers to serve customers more quickly all while maintaining professionalism feel.

Minimal errors occur

Merchandising software also helps eliminatedata-entry errors and provides instant reporting opportunities for merchandisers. Instead of doing a lot of paperwork and visiting the office to get the tasks and report back, your merchandisers spend the maximum of their time interacting with customers and can focus on their requirements to provide exceptional customer service.

Customers’ requests get immediate response

Merchandising software provides real-time data along with instant notifications on the activity in the field, which allows instant attention to customers’ requests and requirements. The information collected by merchandisers at retail locations, including numbers, notes, surveys, photo-reports, electronic signatures, is instantly transferred to the head office database and is available to managers through our automation function. Real-time reporting empowers managers and supervisors to identify situations that require their immediate attention and take urgent measures to resolve them.

Implementing a merchandising software solution allows companies to improve merchandiser efficiency by reducing service time and increasing the quality of service, responding quickly to customers’ requirements and servicing each customer’s specific needs.

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