Geo-Fencing: Taking monitoring and control to the next level

Nov 26, 2018Customer Satisfaction, Field Merchandising Software, Sales

Introducing FigJam’s latest features: Geo-fencing & Auto Check-ins

When your field teams are bustling along with their daily duties (and we hope they are) you might start to wonder where exactly everyone is and what are they doing. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed juggling your own work with tracking their whereabouts and ensuring they are doing their jobs, especially if you have a large field team.

Today we’ve added a new Geo-fencing feature that goes hand in hand with Auto Check-ins to give you peace-of-mind that your field teams are exactly where they should be. Here is how it works.

The FigJam Support Team will enable geo-regulation and load the GPS co-ordinates of a store or location into the FIgJam system, this creates a geo-fence. A geo-fence is an active virtual barrier that will require your field teams to use their GPS to establish they are within proximity (200m) of a particular customer. When a field agent opens up a store/location in the FigJam app, the app will verify they have entered the geo-fence proximity and will automatically check-in to that store/location. Field agents will be able to manually check-out of a store/location as per usual or when they exit the geo-fence of a customer they will automatically be checked-out.

The combination of Geo-fencing and auto check-ins will ensure your field teams are actually servicing your customers which will in turn improve your service delivery. Furthermore, FigJam will continue to provide overview reports to keep your business ahead of the game.