Driving Better Business Insights in Africa

Jul 10, 2019Analytics, Field Merchandising Software

Africa’s teaming with animals. And data.
Make sure you’re not avoiding the data!

Anyone who’s spent any time on the continent knows that there’s no place like Africa when it comes to extraordinary wildlife experiences. Equally anyone who’s spent any time doing business in Africa knows that there’s a great deal of opportunity but more often than not success is a function of accurately identifying and capitalising on the opportunity. And often-time the business experience is also extraordinary.

Our experience of doing business across 6 countries on the continent has highlighted one very common denominator; the poor use of accurate real-time data. We all know it’s out there or that someone else might be using it, but how often have you sat down to really examine what data you’re using to make good decisions in your business. We’re the first to admit – it’s hard to always make the right decision in Africa. Turbulent economies (ask us we’re experts) and fragile politics always make for interesting business environments. Yet, if you’re able to find your niche and hold your ground you’re probably onto a good thing. Until the competition comes along.

Enter FIGJAM, the app that helps business capture data on the fly and presents it in meaningful (tailor-made) emails, reports and dashboards to the right people at the right time. The bottom line is that the team at FIGJAM get fully involved in understanding the fundamentals of your business and do their best to ensure you’ll get the most out of your field data and your field teams.

Managing people remotely in Africa is challenging. Poor mobile communication networks, bad roads and bad power all make it hard work for traditional 1st world technology to work well. Fortunately FIGJAM was born as a result of identifying these very Africa-centric problems; it works well on poor data networks, even offline, it negates the need to travel anywhere by road and is developed to maximise battery life of basic android phones.

So with this all this cool Africa-proof tech, how does FIGJAM help remote work operations?

Simple. It tells you who’s where, what they’re doing and keeps a record of all work activities carried out with the single purpose of helping business achieve its goals.

So, if you’re one of Africa’s business achievers and working hard on growing your business in the distribution trade, pause for a moment and think about the value of knowing more about how the cogs of your business turn and what each movement means for your business. It could just make you a small fortune.

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FIGJAM clients continually utilize cutomised  data reports to strengthen their business insights for a more efficient decision making process.