How FIGJAM has helped over 82 different Brands

Aug 14, 2019Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry

Parts 1 to 3 in this series have, among other things, answered such questions as:

  • Who and what is FIGJAM?
  • What can FIGJAM do for your organization?
  • What personal benefits can result from using FIGJAM?

We gave a few real-life examples of what our clients and users had to say about our platform. In this last part of the series Growing Your Business in Africas FMCG Industry, we will get more in-depth examples of how FIGJAM has positively impacted over 82 brands in 5 countries.

Innscor Africa Limited

Distribution Group Africa (DGA) is part of Innscor’s main distribution line. Innscor is a manufacturer of consumer staple and durable goods for the mass market; about 42 brands. Their distribution network is comprised of over 400 famous FMCG retail outlets. DGA is recognized for distributing popular brands in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi.

Problem: Before implementing FIGJAM, the business processes at Innscor (and not all of them) were supported by a few, non-integrated IT systems. Each of them supported only a narrow sphere of the company and data had to be manually entered from one system to another one. These operations were not only timely and cost-intensive, but also bore a risk of making an error at transferring data saved at Excel spreadsheets to another database.

DGA runs multiple business units responsible for multiple brands. Streamlining data feeds from all the business units into one place was challenging. They required a system where their field team could perform multiple tasks at each business unit by accessing different databases.

In addition, DGA was also struggling to operate at an optimum level where their order system was concerned- they were experiencing delays on a regular basis as well as dedicating time to correcting errors made in capturing the order information. Being responsible for a vast number of brands and their products, there was also a need for a system that updated any new products all-round instead of manually inputting them on every individual platform.


  • Order delays
  • Human error
  • Repeatedly inputting data

Solution: The mobile ordering solution in the FIGJAM App significantly improved the efficiency of DGA’s ordering system. Real-time updates cut order processing time in half and eliminated human error as all products and product codes were a click away. Custom reporting allowed DGA to selectively compare their data over specific time periods and integration with Sage Evolution allowed data capture to be a once-off task which saved time all round. Furthermore, FIGJAM’s multi-client system allowed DGA’s field teams to access multiple data feeds out in the field all from the same app.

Le Sel Brands

Le Sel Brands is the sole Marketers and Distributors of popular cosmetic and skincare brands namely, Nivea, Bio-Oil, Eucerin, Labello, and Elastoplast. They also distribute Vital Health Foods, Serenity, Zambezi Gold Honey, Schwarzkopf, Ladine products in Zimbabwe and supply all the major retail outlets in the country since 1985.

Problem: The struggle with collecting and analyzing business data is relative to most companies. Le Sel Brands had no system to gather information regarding their merchandising & sales rep’s activities in one place. Reporting and business analysis became a tricky and tedious task – especially for selectively comparing results. Furthermore, resources were often misused and there was no way to effectively track their employee efficiency.


  • Collating information
  • Job Tracking
  • Employee efficiency

Solution: Le Sel Brands sought out a solution to address their challenges approximately a year and a half ago. FIGJAM sparked their interest – the extensive features of FIGJAM offered a strong solution to their problem. Le Sel Brands underwent a pilot program of the system with the FIGJAM team working closely with their team to ensure the success of the project.

At the end of the pilot, Le Sel Brands decided to deploy FIGJAM to their entire team of field agents. They benefit from the convenience FIGJAM offers through its ease of field team monitoring and scheduled reporting.

This article has considered only 3 examples, out of numerous others. If our platform can help these amazing companies together with their reputable brands, it can work for you too.

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This article was prepared by the FIGJAM marketing team.