Work smarter. Be Great. 2 important ways FIGJAM can impact your personal life.

Aug 14, 2019Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry

Kelvin is a sales and distribution manager at a Zambian distribution company. He was promoted a year ago from the position of distribution supervisor. His family is happy to have him home at a reasonable hour every day, he has time to take care of his health and his career is looking up. Robson, a fellow team member, has also been seeing positive changes in his life. But things were not always this way.

As a supervisor, Kelvin had been monitoring the performance of his sales team for about three months. Above all he noticed that his team members lacked motivation and this was negatively impacting the company’s results. One of the reasons: there never seemed to be enough time in the day to complete their task lists. From time sheet logging to manually filling in order forms (which could get lost from time to time, creating serious delays in delivery), to knocking off late and getting home mentally drained – one day dragged into the next.

Does work have to be this way? Are there any negative effects of workplace stress?

What experts have to say

In the field of management, workplace stress has come to the core of research as the costs to organizations and employees.

The commonly cited implications of workplace stress include low job performance and high turnover intention, lack of motivation and ill health as well as burnout. Keshavarz and Mohammadi (2011) added low morale, poor product quality, low output, increased overtime payment, and organizational sabotage to the list of negative effects of workplace stress.

three main sources of workplace stress (stressors) are: relationship with work colleagues, organizational constraints and workload. – An excerpt EFFECT OF WORKPLACE STRESS ON JOB PERFORMANCE; Economic Review – Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. XIII, Issue 1, May 2015. You can download it here: 

With the above in mind, it is important for decision-makers and team-leaders to do their best to improve the way they and their teams execute their tasks. Doing this reduces workplace stress, improves productivity, saves money and helps organizations grow. Above all it keeps the team motivated and driven.

For a team leader, improved results are important because they also improve the value of their skill set in both an organization and their relevant industry.  Doors begin to open. Opportunities begin to emerge. If you could ask Kelvin, he would tell you this.

So how can the FIGJAM platform help you in this regard? Consider these examples.

Time management and prioritizing

Tich, mentioned in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, had this to say:

“FIGJAM has helped us save so much time where orders and deliveries are concerned. We receive orders in real-time as opposed to the following day. Deliveries that used to take 36 hours now get done in under 6 hours. The integration feature is a plus cutting our processing time from 1 hour to 5 minutes.”

Setting-and-achieving Goals and Advancing your career

Imagine a merchandiser or sales rep who is now able to finish tasks inside assigned timelines.  Psychologically, they feel empowered for success as opposed to feeling set-up for failure. Their mental outlook is positive. This trickles down to even the seemingly mundane things like emotional stability, positive relationships with family, time to pursue advanced education and so on.

Summarizing the Important Points

As a merchandiser or sales rep, FIGJAM can help you achieve more, just as it did for Robson. This, in turn, can feed back into your life in such ways as positive thinking, better relationships with colleagues and friends, ambition building and being goal-oriented.

As a team leader, like Kelvin, the positive results your team produces by using FIGJAM can reflect positively on your work ethic, leadership skills, and resourcefulness. You can quickly become an industry leader by spending less time on personnel management and focusing on more important tasks such as networking, building relationships, developing strategy, and negotiating deals.

This is why our mantra is “Be great”, and our tagline is “Work smarter. Be great.” We hope that this emphasizes to you our belief in your capacity to achieve great things, both in your personal life and at work. As a business, FIGJAM wants to is to see you win awards, grow your organization, change lives and be a symbol of success.

Naturally, though, you may be asking yourself, “What basis do I have to believe the claims that FIGJAM can help change fortunes for myself, my team and my company?”

In the next article, Part 4 of 4 – How FIGJAM has helped over 82 different Brands, we will demonstrate how FIGJAM can help you work smarter by improving efficiency, as it has done for some of the most popular FMCG brands in Africa. You will also discover how we are driving growth by simplifying merchandising and facilitating sales through a personal, unforgettable user experience that is developed in and for the African environment.

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This article was prepared by the FIGJAM marketing team.