5 Simple Steps to SAGE Evolution Integration with FIGJAM

Sep 20, 2019Field Merchandising Software

Integrating your ERP system with FIGJAM will provide a host of benefits to your sales teams.

Integration will provide consistent and up-to-date static data as well as providing the benefit of real-time order processing. Your invoicing team and sales team not longer have to deal with double-handling, broken telephone or manual errors when processing orders from the field.

Integration is achieved by following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Analyse database.
  2. Install connector software.
  3. Build integration pipelines.
  4. Test integration.
  5. Go – Live.

1. Analyse database

FIGJAM consultants will look at your database structure helping create a better understanding of your ERP setup and identifying any data cleansing that is required.

2. Install connector

FIGJAM will install the unique data connector software either remotely or on-site allowing seamless integration whilst dealing with firewall and security compliance at this point.

NB! Your company will need the SAGE Evolution Client Connector Module enabled by your SAGE Provider in order for the integration to be successful.

3.Build Integration Pipelines

FIGJAM’s team will now build product flow, store flow, order and failed order pickup pipelines for your integration.

4. Testing

Integration testing is the most important phase and the FIGJAM team will test the pipelines, end connections and end-to-end flow of all parts of the integration. A demo database can be used for initial testing if referred by the client.

5. Go-Live

A Go-Live date will be set and if any users need to be migrated onto the integrated platform this will be planned accordingly. FIGJAM will also prepare all relevant FIGJAM users, management and invoicing teams for this event so that the process is smooth on the day. Monitoring and evaluation is of utmost important and the FIGJAM team will ensure that all technical difficulties are dealt-with in real-time on the day.

For more information on integration contact sales@figjammobile.com