How managers can use quantitative data to their advantage

Nov 20, 2019Field Merchandising Software, Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry

Making business decisions based on quantitative data.

With vast experience in the African sales and merchandising, FIGJAM fully understands the importance of data analytics. Our business mobility solutions enable enterprises to gather customer insights giving companies across the board new tactical strategies. We provide businesses with access to data analytics platforms needed to fulfill their unique goals.

FIGJAM offers business app tools to assist companies in extracting the correct data to drive their business forward. For instance, the interchangeable dashboard on the web portal assists businesses with providing accurate analysis of their product lines no matter the size of their field sales team. In order to gain substantive insights data needs to be collected everyday at every store visit. This data is transformed into meaningful and actionable information, a seemingly tedious and impossible task to be conducted accurately and timely if a manual process was adopted.

Our technical trainers have spent the last five years building their acumen and retail field knowledge in Africa. Vast amounts of data are processed by FIGJAM Reports to provide a dashboard of business intelligence which allow sales management to make better informed decisions and present accurate reports to their directors.

Whether the end goal is to drive sales or productivity, having access to meaningful data and being able to analyze that data will not do a bit of good if you are unable to translate those efforts into successful actions.

Turning Insights into Actions

FIGJAM clients continually utilize cutomised  data reports to strengthen their business insights for a more efficient decision making process.

At the end of the day, technology is changing the way we do business. Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit immensely from engaging in the practice of data collection and analysis.

FIGJAM ensures this is a seamless process.

This article was prepared by the FIGJAM marketing team.
*Some data was taken from “FMCG in Africa”, published by KPMG Africa Limited, a Cayman Islands company.