How to better manage your email inbox

Nov 22, 2019Customer Satisfaction, Sales

Research has found that email is the second-most time-consuming activity for team leaders, next to “role-specific tasks.” They receive hundreds, if not thousands, of emails a day. Reading and responding to every message can become a drain on time and energy.

Furthermore, when not organized efficiently, email can hinder productivity. Here are 5 tips that can keep the messages in your inbox to a minimum.

1. Set up rules for emails you receive everyday to be saved in folders.

You can organize an inbox with labels, folders and categories. You can normally find these adjustments Settings under Inbox.

2. Check junk/spam emails at least once every 2 days.

Some emails will be classified as spam if they are unrecognizable. You should mark emails that are not useful to you as spam and these emails will be sent directly to the junk folder instead of clogging up your inbox.

3. Set aside time to read and respond to email.

Give your undivided attention to responses especially where clients are concerned.

4. Take action immediately.

Don’t let important emails sit in your inbox for days. Unless you’re on vacation, respond within 48 hours. Reply to the sender as soon as you’ve read his or her message. Immediate action will help keep your email inbox under control. Mark emails to respond to later and delete irrelevant messages.

5.  Promotional emails.

Unsubscribe from unwanted promotional emails and file the rest under a Promotions tab.

Email is fast, convenient, and empowers team leaders to run operations on the go. As a team leader it’s vital for communication with clients and customers as well as checking in with employees. We hope these tips were useful and should you need more information you can email


This article was prepared by the FIGJAM marketing team.