3 measures to take for secure tech before the year ends

Dec 20, 2019Productivity

While you’re wrapping up things for the end of the year and work at the office slows down, there are a few things you should do to ensure a productive and secure year ahead.


1. Clear space

Reduce digital clutter. Delete unimportant files and those that are more than 3 years old. Machines will function faster with more space available on their hard drive. For optimum speed leave 50% of your hard drive free. If you’re getting rid of any old computers erase the hard drives beforehand.

2.  Back up to the cloud

Storing files on hardware is not the most reliable method as it’s prone to crashes after a certain period of time. Google drive comes with 15GB of storage space for your files however this includes your email data as well so it may be a good idea to clear your email inbox as well. Dropbox has 2GB of space.


3. Upgrade software


Getting an upgrade with the latest fixes secures functionality and security. As versions of software become outdated, so does support for these systems. Remember that tech is upgraded to become better and that means it’s safer and more impervious to malware. Here is more information about upgrading your technology: https://www.figjammobile.com/2019/11/29/is-old-tech-hindering-your-business/

One final measure would be to change passwords. Use stronger passwords that contain different case letters, a number and a symbol. This will increase your security by a mile.