3 features that will up your in-store merchandising strategy

Jan 22, 2020Field Merchandising Software, Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry

Competition in the retail industry is fierce. To grow sales and maintain your edge, you need to make sure your products are available in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. Determining this isn’t always easy―companies need a solid retail merchandising strategy.

In working with leading FMCG brands across sub-Saharan Africa, we found the following 3 variables to be most crucial for growing market share;


1. Product placement

Ensuring your product is actually on the shelf is half the battle won. It might sound obvious, but for many FMCG brands this is a huge challenge in the more remote regions of a given African country where field teams need reliable remote management. Using a product like FIGJAM will maximise your knowledge base about your products availability on any given shelf, allowing you to predict trends and ensure your product is on the shelf.

2.  Product representation

Closing the stocked-or-not knowledge gap is a great start. But it cannot be achieved without secure knowledge that your merchandisers are where they are supposed to be. FIGJAM’s customer visit real-time logs help businesses manage productivity that defines how well your FMCG product is represented not only on the shelf, but in personal form. Taking it a step further businesses can deploy the geo-fencing function guaranteeing your brands’ representation on the store floor.

3. Get the picture

A photograph is worth thousand words. Group your photographs alongside predetermined check-lists in FIGJAM and remotely manage your products’ detail to the nth degree.

Use these three FIGJAM features together, get the automated reports direct to your email and you’ll have a bullet proof merchandising strategy fit for Africa.

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