3 FIGJAM Qualities made for Field Sales in Africa

Feb 26, 2020Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry

Responsive to Market Needs

FIGJAM was built to cater for field sales in an African Business Environment. Furthermore, FIGJAM is designed to identify market trends and customer needs. Many of the features on FIGJAM were built because customers needed them.

Centralized Solution

Often, sales teams don’t use a specific system to sum up each reps numbers and this draws time and resources away from important business operations. With FIGJAM, the entire team is filling in the same form and data is automatically aggregated into analytics and reports.


Accountability Tools

Do you have a way to verify field rep activity? FIGJAM provides accountability tools so every task is  time stamped and has a GPS tag. This highlights how your resources are being allocated, making it easier to adjust sales operation on the fly.

BONUS: Efficiency

Merchandisers have all the necessary tools to perform tasks at outlet stores on their mobile device. This means that time is saved, minima errors occur and customers’ requests get immediate response.