3 ways FIGJAM allows teams to work remotely

Mar 20, 2020Field Merchandising Software

Now, more than ever, in the craziness that is covid-19 we are having to shift our traditional working routines to be more flexible and work remotely. Here are three ways FIGJAM can help ensure teams maintain their productivity and propel their business:

1. Monitor business operations.

Firstly, managers can monitor their businesses from just about anywhere. The FIGJAM management portal and analytic reports will keep your finger on the pulse of your business. From tracking sales and stocks to visually seeing what is happening out in the field, FIGJAM will keep an eye on all business operations. FIGJAM is also able to generate real-time insights (elaborated on in #3) which allows managers to be more assertive in their decision making and effect operational changes to drive business.

2. Remote field work.

Secondly, as critical businesses such as food and beverage suppliers will still operate as usual, field operatives can utilize the FIGJAM app wherever they are, enabling them to fulfill their daily tasks. For example, field reps can visit customer stores and report back to HQ through the app.

3. Real-time data.

And lastly, FIGJAM provides real-time information. In a time where bulk buying and price changes are prevailing, real-time feed of your business operations becomes vital. As an example, FIGJAM’s new “Stock-on-Hand” feature enables sales reps to see the stock levels back at the warehouse, placing them in a better position to negotiate orders with buyers and reduce the number of lost sales due to over-ordering on low stock levels at the warehouse. This serves well as suppliers are uncertain about replenishing stocks.

Should you require more information, kindly get in touch with our team at sales@figjammobile.com.