Introducing: FIGJAM’s Enhanced CRM Functionality!

Apr 8, 2020What's New

Knowing your customer is one of the most important factors in any business.

The latest FIGJAM CRM functionalities enhances how field representatives can add new customers and contact them.

The adding new stores functionality allows your team to add customers to FIGJAM on the fly. Whilst doing so, they will capture the customers’ geo locations and important contact details.

Secondly, FIGJAM’s CRM tools allow your field reps immediate access to customer information. In just a couple taps, reps can pull up customer contact information with the ability to contact or locate them directly from the FIGJAM application. Managers and supervisors will be able to evaluate the extent their field teams have grown their customer database/reach and monitor how often customers are being visited or interacted with. Last but not least, Managers or Supervisors can set scheduled routes or call cycles for your reps so they know exactly who to visit and when.

Need directions to a certain customer? We have you covered.
Want to quickly call a known customer? Just search for their details and call directly from the FIGJAM app.

Allowing users to quickly find and contact their customer base saves time and frustration. Mapping the market and building up a database of known or potential customers allows companies to better target their market. All of this adds to your customer relations, efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.

Save your customer, know your customer, contact your customer, now all built into the FIGJAM app.

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