3 ways FIGJAM is converting teams at HQ to remote work while increasing transparency.

Apr 16, 2020Field Merchandising Software, News

At FIGJAM we believe in finding and providing solutions to the evolving environment.

FIGJAM is designed for FMCG distributors and will empower your management team to keep an eye on all business operations remotely. Work will be organised in a smart fashion making sure your resources are maximised.

During this unprecedented time, FMCG distributors are under enormous pressure to quickly adapt to remote work models wherever possible.

FIGJAM will enable your team to be productive as well as drive transparency, accountability and structured management when transitioning to the remote work model.

Here is how these three things will aid remote management teams:



1.Transparency & Accountability

FIGJAM provides a platform that empowers field teams and management to take accountability and be transparent in the actions and decisions when using the application. All jobs are timestamped, geo-tagged and accessible any time through the FIGJAM portal repository.

2. Productivity

FIGJAM’s App functionality has been designed with the user in mind to efficiently and effectively perform their daily sales and merchandising tasks all from their mobile device.

3. Structured management

Management can remotely access the FIGJAM portal to review daily activities in real-time and receive their analytical reports to make data-driven decisions and track the organisation’s progress toward its goals.