How FIGJAM is helping distribution companies function more efficiently with changing consumer demands.

Apr 21, 2020Field Merchandising Software


To respond to unprecedented changes in consumer demand, FMCG distributors are prioritising rapid, regular, and data-driven changes to their products and in-store merchandising displays. There is no doubt that the corona virus outbreak is influencing the way consumers think and therefore their buying behaviour.

 Quick, easy access to products has never been more important and re-stocking shelves never more frequent. This makes communicating these change-overs as they happen even more significant.

 How exactly is FIGJAM impacting current business operations?

1. Remote work.

 FIGJAM’s software was designed with remote work in mind. It tells you who’s where, what they’re doing and keeps a record of all work activities carried out with the single purpose of helping business achieve its goals. FIGJAM is currently working to increase transparency, productivity and structured management across the board. Read more:3 ways FIGJAM allows teams to work remotely


2. Real-time data.

 As each day passes, consumer demands are changing and having access to by-the-minute data of how your products as well as those of your competitors are moving is vital. This will aid your business in planning for the following day as well as the weeks and months ahead. Real-time data also identifies trends in product movement.


3. Data-driven strategies.

 You ask the questions and FIGJAM will find the answers in your data. Our business intelligence services are about uncovering the insights in your data so that you can make more informed business decisions. Read more here: How to capitalize on big data in 2020.


4. Custom Business Intelligence Reporting.

 No one will benefit more than the FMCG sector by leveraging business intelligence to improve their business. The ability of business patterns to back decisions with evidence of positive growth is now more necessary and essential than ever.Collating data about efficiency, sales and products empowers enterprises to have a 360° view of operations, improve their profit margins and make quicker, more effective business decisions. Read more here:


5. Adding new FIGJAM features: CRM and Stock-on-hand.

 At FIGJAM we believe in finding and providing solutions to the evolving environment. Read more on how these two new features will empower your business: Stock-on-hand and new CRM tools.


6. Advisory consulting.

 The team at FIGJAM has spent more than half a decade working on the best way to help businesses collect relevant data and report on it. Our team will assist you in creating centralised and data-driven strategies. 


 FIGJAM is able to sync up on-the-ground information to HQ in record time.This means that order and delivery change over time happens faster and more efficiently with the added bonus of data-driven reporting.


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