6 ways your business will benefit from Live Dashboards

May 7, 2020Productivity, Sales, What's New

The right information displayed on a live dashboard can revolutionize both your success and enjoyment in running your business.


1. Gain total visibility into your business.

With your customised dashboard, you will know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times. You know what’s working and what’s not working. For instance, your dashboard could show you if your business is reaching its target sales. Such answers should automatically appear on your dashboard. Compare this to most business owners who have to manually procure this information, or ask someone else to do it.

2. Save time.

How much time do you or your staff spend creating reports in Excel or other spreadsheet programs? Any report that you create more than once should go in your dashboard. 

3. Improve results.

When your key business metrics are visible (in your dashboard), you can instinctively make better decisions based on this and start improving your results. To this end, the best dashboards will highlight success indicators and problem areas. Having access to these insights will allow sales and profits to soar as a result.

4. Less stress.

Having access to a live, one-page summary of your business operations gives you peace of mind.

The Live Dashboard will provide your key metrics in an up-to-date monthly format highlighting success and problem areas allowing management to quickly scan every aspect and act based on this information.

So even if you’re out of office, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly how the business is performing, and exactly which areas need improvement.

5. Increased Productivity.

Dashboards allow you to measure performance numerically. For instance, when management sees their sales performance is down, they’ll naturally implement changes to improve their performance and results.

6. Increased Profits.

As discussed, your dashboard shows you exactly which areas of your business are performing poorly. When you know this, you know exactly where to focus your time to increase results. Conversely, your competitors probably don’t know this, and thus your business has the competitive advantage. Monitoring what’s working in your business and what’s not empowers your business and in turn increases sales and profits.

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