5 benefits of integrating your ERP system with field merchandising software

May 12, 2020Field Merchandising Software, Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry, Productivity

One of FIGJAM’s primary aims was to reduce human error and increase transparency while digitising the field merchandising processes such as stock-on-hand.

The integration of your ERP with a field merchandising software solution like FIGJAM offers a competitive edge to the business by proliferating the company’s capabilities to plan effectively, execute distribution predictably and minimise overheads such as overtime labour costs and errors associated with manual reconciliation.

Here are 5 significant benefits of integrating your ERP system (SAGE, SAP, etc.) with FIGJAM:

1. Stock control and optimisation.

Over and under supplying can both be detrimental to a distribution company. To keep costs under control it is essential to have the right amount of stock on hand especially in the FMCG sector where products are perishable in nature. Our integration solution allows you to properly plan your replenishment needs. It ensures that your warehouse quantity availability is accurate so that ordering decisions free of errors.

2. Transparency.

With many companies having adopted remote work policies it is integral to digitize and integrate business management systems to gain full transparency of operations.

Integration will empower your management team to ensure products are available at your warehouse as and when your customers need it.

3. Accurate reporting.

Product movement at all levels, even out-of-stocks contribute to trends in the market and more specifically your business insights. With integration you can keep track of weekly, monthly and annual product trends and make better informed business decisions accordingly.


4. Cost savings.

With access to your business insights and improved decision making you not only save time, you cut costs through better planning. In turn, better organisation also leads to improved customer satisfaction. So ultimately our integration solution translates to improved efficiency and better productivity across your business.

5. Scalability.

Most FMCG distribution companies will go through rapid expansion and therefore require systems in place that grow along with the scale their operations.

FIGJAM’s integration solution ensures that growth with no added expenses of hardware or system additions. It gives your business the freedom to enter new markets, introduce new products, or expand your customer base.

Finally, FIGJAM offers your organisation the flexibility to make informed decisions based on your real-time business data. Being real-time provides the best visibility to your supply chain partners and suppliers, and ensures that your financial reports are always up to date and accurate. Follow these steps to get integrated or check out FIGJAM’s latest addition to integration tools: The Stock-on-hand Feature.