How distribution companies are working smarter with FIGJAM

May 26, 2020Field Merchandising Software, Productivity

FIGJAM comprises of digital tools that allow field teams to seamlessly generate, collect and relay real time data back to management teams, empowering them to keep a close eye on remote business operations. 

Today, we’d like to share 5 FIGJAM features that help companies gain the most especially where productivity and effieciency is concerned: 

1. Customer Visit Tracking

Customer visits are tracked via the Check-In and Check-Out tool. It is FIGJAM’s most used feature.  FIGJAM keeps accurate logs of each customer visit,  accounting for the time spent and tasks completed on every visit. This provides managers with invaluable insights of the whereabouts of their team, the rate at which visits are happening and also providing accountability to the tasks done throughout a given working day.

2. Sales Orders 

The sales order feature allows FIGJAM users to generate customer purchase orders in the field and send this information to operations teams in real time. Once the user has selected products from the FIGJAM pre-populated catalogue, the order is saved and uploaded into FIGJAM cloud portal. An email is automatically generated and sent to pre-definded recipients notifying them of the order; the email contains a PDF and an excel copy of the data. If the client has integrated their ERP/accounting system with FIGJAM, the order can be pushed directly in the ERP/accounting system thereby minimizing the processing time of a given order.

3. Retail Shelf Execution

Photos allow field teams to submit visual feedback from inside the trade on anything relevant to a distribution business operation. This may be anything from competitor activity to pictures of your in-house promotions or products. This tool is especially useful for merchandiser work where managers/supervisors are not able to make daily visits to all store, ensuring that product placement and retail execution standards are excellent at all times.

4. Variable Market Data Forms

Custom forms is a versatile feature in the FIGJAM toolset, allowing businesses to collect data in customised manner specific to the business requirements . Custom forms looks to replicate any paper forms regularly deployed by a business. This immediately captures a business’s raw data in electronic copy in the FIGJAM Portal, provides a real-time live data feed from the field and provides the opportunity for custom reporting and analysis of the data.

5. Customer Relationship Management

With the recent addition of FIGJAM’s CRM functionality your sales team is equipped with all your customer information in one place no matter where they are. Your field reps can access store details through the app be it directions, email or contact numbers.

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This article was prepared by the FIGJAM marketing team.