How to leverage Live Data for operational efficiency in the FMCG industry

Jun 2, 2020Analytics, Field Merchandising Software, Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry, Productivity, Sales

If they are a big player in the FMCG industry, you can bet that they are leveraging business intelligence to improve all round functionality.

Every businessperson knows that good data makes you smarter. Well, a truer statement might be that an accurate analysis of the right data can make a company smarter, but lack of any data can be fatal.

Collating data about efficiency, sales and products empowers enterprises to have a 360° view of operations, improve their profit margins and make quicker, more effective business decisions.

So what data do you focus on to make business intelligence work for you?

Sales Analysis

Use FIGJAM to:
• Generate orders.
• Get real time order data.
• Ensure store coverage.
• Guarantee the widest reach for products.

From this you will derive critical information to  improve the decision-making process. The trends in the data showcase the strengths, weakness, and opportunities for the company. For instance, one can determine when, where and how the most sales are made. Business intelligence will also point out areas that perform poorly, allowing enterprises to make necessary alterations in their operations to those specific areas.

Inventory Analysis

Use FIGJAM for:
• Product surveys.
• Correct product placement.
• Enhancing operational efficiency by receiving real time in-store information.

Operations managers are empowered to  gather detailed summary reports helping them eliminate poor product placement. Business intelligence of your in-store inventory enables managers to forecast supply further eliminating out of stock events.

The access to real-time information also enables finance managers to consider narrow margins of profit with greater context to make sure they enjoy maximum gains from investment into inventory. And since all these processes are cloud-based, less expense is incurred.

Field Team Analysis

Knowing who the most profitable field teams are is a crucial concept to successful FMCG businesses.

Use FIGJAM to actively track and quantify the productivity of your field team members.

With real-time tools you’ll know the minute your business has been has reached a target and be able to take potential reciprocal reactions. You may choose toapply the same actions to yourbrand for the week ahead, but you would have only been able to do so being armed with real-time data.

You can find out more about moving your business to live data here or check out the benefits for your business.

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