Must-have field reports for meaningful business data

Jun 9, 2020Uncategorized

One of the most important duties of Distribution Managers is to summarize meaningful product and/or sales information collected at the hundreds of retail stores that they are responsible for.

Merchandisers have access to important, on-the-ground product information at every store.

Here are FIGJAM’s top 4 merchandising reports that demonstrate ways in which information collected at stores can be organized into meaningful data:

1. Merchandiser Activity Report

This merchandising report example allows managers at FMCG/distribution companies and marketing agencies to keep track of how many and which stores each merchandiser is visiting per day, as well as ensure merchandisers are properly performing their duties with GPS verification of store visits. 

FIGJAM feature: Check-ins and Photos.

2. Product Availability Report

This  type of merchandising report shows all out-of-stocks by stores and therefore allows management not only to know which locations need extra deliveries but also indicates how to better adjust delivery quantities and frequency.

FIGJAM feature: Full Stock Survey or Quick Stock Survey.

3. Competitor Price Analysis Report

Collect price point data on competitor products to gauge the ideal price point for your own products and analyse the price gap trend.

FIGJAM feature: Price Survey.

4. Product Survey Report

Analyse key product metrics (other than pricing) of your own and competitor products so you understand how well products are performing in the trade. One example of such is products specials, understanding specials in the markets allows managers to make informative decisions of their own products.

FIGJAM features: Photos, Price Survey and Product Surveys.

Merchandising reports can seem complex to attain but, with the right piece of software and merchandising methods, store data can be extracted and organised in a way that will lead to the appropriate action by management.

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