Why your business will benefit from a real-time dashboard.

Jun 16, 2020Analytics, Field Merchandising Software, Productivity


Making the right decisions based on perfect insights isn’t always simple.

Businesses in the FMCG distribution industry tend to grow quickly and so the set of tools you use to run your daily operations need to be dynamic and easily accessible.

When operational issues that limit your success, FIGJAM recommends the Live Dashbard to get back on track; this  tool will provide perfect insights into your sales and/or marketing performance, integrated into one dashboard to relly focus on the business.

What is a Live Dashboard?


Shifting from monthly reports to a real-time dashboard.


Depending on when your monthly reporting update occurs—end of the month or the beginning—it’s usually not anyone’s favorite time. Not because they’re not hitting their goals , but because it’s time consuming to update the reports just to get them ready for presentation.

No need to fear, FIGJAM is here! 

When it comes time to review the data and make important company decisions, the information needs to be accurate and current, which is one of the major benefits of a real-time business dashboard. Up-to-the-minute information will ensure that everyone involved in important decision-making has the data available. 

A decision-making meeting should not be the first time company performance numbers are reviewed; this key information should always be available at any time of the month so team members arrive at meetings with actionable advice.

If your meeting and reporting cadence are greater than once a month; then enjoying the benefits of a real-time business dashboard grows exponentially. No matter how large your enterprise gets, the data is still relevant. In fact, the larger the company, the more important the dashboard becomes and the ability to make quick and agile data-driven decisions becomes a viable option.

We will continue the discussion on the benefits of lIve Dashboards for your business next week.

Should you require more information about FIGJAM’s Live Dashboards get in touch with us at sales@figjammobile.com and one of our reps with get in touch.