The Benefits of Live Dashboard for Marketing

Jun 30, 2020Analytics

Market leaders use dashboards to analyse efforts across their business. We have discussed how useful Live Dashboards can be for sales but the same information, can be used to dive into behind-the-scenes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Live dashboards make marketing metrics easily visible and demonstrate exactly what a business needs to do to facilitate the best connections with their customers. FIGJAM dashboards are customizable for each organization’s unique product information.


1. Business operations data in one place

An enormous benefit of live dashboards is that your KPIs are visible and found in one place. As you’re well aware, KPIs are essential to your organization’s business objectives, since they keep objectives at the forefront of decision-making.

Easily keeping track of KPIs ensures that your business’s overarching goals are top of mind for your marketing team.

Your sales and marketing teams should work together to achieve a common goal, improving company revenue as a whole. With business dashboards, your marketing team can compare and contrast important data as it relates to the sales department and vice versa.


2. Saves time and money

In business, time is money. Business dashboards allow for more efficient retrieval of data. Because of this, your sales and marketing efforts can run in sync and quickly. Your marketers’ time will be put to better use more easily targeting future customers.

And speaking of time, when you use business dashboards to assist your departments, your team saves time by avoiding the tedious process of manually collecting and combining data. Quick and ready access to essential data gives your team the ability to act on important marketing decisions.


3. Optimize on the fly

Our live dashboard operates in the cloud, your data will always be up-to-date.

Apply quick, painless filters on the live dashboard and seamlessly optimize your display to show sales of products over the last year, month, week, 3 days, etc.


Incorporating a Live Dashboard into your business ensures your marketing team has the capability to view a myriad of data in relation to product campaigns and sales.

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