The Benefits of Live Dashboards for Managers

Jul 7, 2020Analytics, Field Merchandising Software, Productivity, Sales

Live dashboards not only arm you with a birds eye view of your operations but also provide a vehicle for ongoing improvement throughout your business.

We’ve covered some of the important reasons that live dashboards and custom business intelligence are important to sales and marketing departments, now let’s focus on the strategic KPIs that matter most for managers.

1. Access to KPIs data in one place.

Dashboards speed up a manager’s process of focusing on the business. You can move through your meetings much faster with comprehensive color-coded success criteria, so as to quickly determine which priorities need attention.

You can stay focused on the big business issues by having real-time data available and  your team can dedicate more time to solving challenges instead of presenting data.

A dashboard will allow you to stay balanced between important drivers like sales, productivity, and cash flow. You need access to both quantitative and qualitative data. You will also want to have custom filtered data from customers, a location, a country, a timeline and so much more.

2. Improved internal communication.

Live dashboards are a fantastic communication tool. They are simple to access and read and see how each department is performing (as well as the company as a whole). In addition to this, having the power to tell your company’s story through data visualization makes it easier to create powerful presentation material for meetings.

3. Improved external communication.

Another benefit for managers is that live dashboards tend to speed up connectivity and communication with both suppliers and customers. Finding and reporting to investors and board members is also made easier by the incorporation of dashboards into your organization’s workflow. This is due to an increase in your ability to create and share reports and presentations.

4. Time saved is money saved.

When your organization has a well-configured dashboard, this saves time because all the information you need is readily available in one place. A live dashboard helps cut down on duplication of effort, overseen by you, the manager.

Any requested report can be built into the FIGJAM system and reflect on your dashboard. From there it can be easily programmed to automatically update, and it can be shared based on filters of your own choosing and criteria.

Report creation, data entry and manipulation, and effective communication between departments is all streamlined and done more effectively with FIGJAM’s Live Dashboard.

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