2021 FIGJAM Toolkit = Business Success

Dec 4, 2020Field Merchandising Software, Order Management, Productivity, Sales, What's New

In the world of business, talking about COVID-19 is almost always tied to the topic of making work easier remotely. The pandemic has driven companies across the world to become innovative and inventive quickly, particularly in terms of adopting new cloud-based technologies and other digital tools.  

At FIGJAM, we’ve been working hard on features that we’ve released and some that are working in a live environment, and they definitely have practical uses for the current situation. The ultimate goal of our features? To bring even more value to our customers and their end-users.

Let’s get down to it. Below is list of the tools that will surely push your business to operational success.

1. Geo-spatial Data on Dashboard

Use geo-spatial data for market analysis, customer visualization and other areas of sales territory management. Learn more.


2.  Job Activities Summary

Summarize aspects of jobs done. Learn more. 


3. Live Data Reporting

Simplify data sets and supports data visualizations, allowing users to gain insight into current business performance. Learn more. 


4. Multiple Signature Sign-off

Need more than one manager to approve a task? This tool has been added to FIGJAM Forms functionality. Learn more


5. Save Order Summary

No need to recapture details such as date, categories and comments. Learn More.


6. Price Integration

Pulls prices directly from your ERP. Learn more.


7. Store Locator

Aggregate all pins dropped for specific store or client jobs and produces a visual graphic. Learn more. 


8. CRM Functionality

Save your customer, know your customer, contact your customer, now all built into the FIGJAM app. Learn more.


9. Stock-on-hand

Enables sales reps to see the stock levels back at the supplier warehouse, placing them in a better position to negotiate. Learn more.


10. Routes

Helps managers monitor and keep track of  their sales reps’ activities. Learn more.


BONUS FEATURE: ERP integration

New ERP, IQ Retail Integration. Learn more.