Introducing a Brand-New Integration – IQ Retail

Dec 4, 2020What's New

FIGJAM has recently introduced a brand-new ERP integration to the growing line-up of ERP systems we’re compatible with. After an exciting build and collaboration with CHIPS Enterprise Solutions, we successfully integrated with IQ Retail.

The integration boasts all our usual features: 

  • Daily Account (customer) syncs, 
  • Daily Product syncs,
  • Pricing/price lists syncs,
  • Stock-on-hand syncs,
  • Real-time sales order generation.

Currently, there are a couple integrated instances of FIGJAM & IQ Retail running in a live environment. This has just been the start with IQ Retail; we’re looking forward to growing our capabilities and improving the robustness of the integration.

FIGJAM’s lead developer on the project, Udean Mbano, had this to say:

“We have a powerful, robust cloud platform that can automate all your manual processes at ease. From this project, I can confidently say that we can integrate any ERP in less than a month at your convenience. I believe integration will present several benefits one of which is making better informed decisions with richer insights of that business. It will also automate manual, repetitive & time-consuming tasks as well as optimize business processes, reduce costs and boost productivity, profitability & customer experience.”

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