New from the Dev Team: Web Roles & User Permissions

Jun 16, 2021Productivity, What's New

FIGJAM has recently introduced a web role function to the web portal. After an exciting build FIGJAM’s Team Lead of Development, Nyasha Parisayi explained the advantages,” Web roles can be very dynamic because there are a number of permissions that can be set up. In large hierarchical organisations, there is no need for all management levels to have access to everything. This also improves data security.”

In summary, web roles allow the web portal to restrict users to do only what they are set up to do in the system by selecting the appropriate user permisisons. For example, web user Carol who is a Distribution manager, will be set up with a limit to  only view activity on the web portal. Carol’s supervisor however, can view, add, delete and update various elements in the web portal.

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