Van Sales: What does this mean for your business?

Aug 18, 2021Field Merchandising Software, Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry, Order Management, What's New

As a wholesale distribution company, you might do what’s called DSD, or Direct Store Delivery, when you sell products to your retail customers. In this model, you deliver products directly to the retail store, skipping the retail company’s distribution center and going straight to the shops where the goods will be sold to the final consumer. This model is popular in the African business environment.

This scenario presents a unique upselling opportunity, because your drivers are right in front of the customer with stock. In addition, sometimes the customer on their own will see something that they want, or realize they need to order more items.

In such situations, it’s advantageous if your van or truck driver can make a sale immediately. If he doesn’t already have the inventory with him, and the customer needs a last-minute order of some item, it’s still beneficial if he can quickly check to see if the inventory is available back at the warehouse.

Unfortunately, without the right tools in place, your driver may not be able to make the sale. Or, in order to do something simple like checking inventory, he might have to go through a series of convoluted steps like making multiple calls, checking back with the warehouse, and so forth. This prevents easy sales from taking place. At the very least, it takes an unnecessary amount of time, when your team could be going to the next store.

Benefits of Van Sales Software

To fix this, you can implement a van sales software  solution for your business. This application permits your drivers to make sales while they are out with customers. It functions simply by connecting a tablet or  mobile device to our Van Sales software solution. Then, when your drivers are onsite with their device, they can quickly make sales, and have that information communicated back to the company through the internet.

Another benefit of having a mobile solution like this is that your wholesale company’s drivers can check inventory levels on the spot. If a customer asks for a last-minute order of a particular item, and the truck driver doesn’t have it with him, he can check the stock on hand to confirm whether it is available at the warehouse. Then he can make the appropriate requests and tell the customer how soon the item can be delivered.

In summary, with our Van Sales solution enabled, you can handle all of the following:

  • Sales/Transactions
  • Returns
  • Checking inventory
  • Geo-tagging transactions
  • Integration support, and more.

This will increase your sales numbers, and also boost your company’s image as you assist your customer quickly and accelerate delivery.

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