A-Class Van Sales Features your Managers Must Have!

Apr 19, 2022Growing Your Business in Africa’s FMCG Industry, Productivity, Van Sales

At FIGJAM, we’re always working to empower your sales force with on-the-ground practical tools that improve visibility for managers and make operations seamless and more efficient.

Here’s what our Van Sales solution offers in this regard:

Real-Time Integration

Real-time integration ensures that your van sales reps always have access to up-to-date customer accounts and product information, order history, invoices, statements, etc.

Proof of Delivery

When placing an order, you can quickly and conveniently send your customer a proof of delivery either by email or you can print one if you have a printer in the van and hand it to them.

In-App eSignature Capture

Your van sales teams can collect and store customer signatures within the app, send invoices by email or print them if a printer is available.

Van/Stock Control

Your van sales teams can easily view all of the company’s van/warehouse locations and stock available in each so they can ask a colleague to complete an order if they have run out of a product.

In-App CRM

VanSales has CRM capabilities and allows your reps to create new opportunities, notes, appointments, reminders, and more.