Three Next Level Benefits of the FIGJAM Van Sales App

Apr 19, 2022Van Sales, What's New

With Van Sales, your sales force and your company can benefit in many different ways. 

Below we have three main benefits that our Van Sales solution offers:


1. Increase Sales

Your van sales force will be able to visit more customers, be more productive, complete more orders, and easily meet and exceed their daily targets, all thanks to the FIGJAM Van Sales App that empowers them with all the tools they need to do so

Reduce Business Costs

With Van Sales, your sales teams have access to real-time product & customer account information, customer-specific pricing, stock availability, etc. which saves time the constant back and forth calling for information or relaying orders with admins.

Reduce Admin Errors

Your van sales teams can take and place orders on the go using theFIGJAM Van Sales App. That means they don’t have to call in the office to relay orders which will result in fewer manual order taking errors.