FIGJAM’s latest features streamline sales

May 2, 2023Field Merchandising Software, New to FIGJAM, News, Productivity, Van Sales, What's New

SFA feature blog

FIGJAM specializes in creating innovative solutions for African businesses to streamline their operations. We’ve recently launched several new features in Sales Force Automation (SFA), which are designed to help sales teams manage their tasks, credit status and quotes.

Newest Key Features of FIGJAM’s SFA


One of the standout features of FIGJAM’s SFA product is the Task Management feature, which allows field teams to keep track of their tasks and deadlines in a single dashboard. This feature is highly customizable, allowing multiple task lists & categories for specific sets of customers or field teams – ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Credit Status

Another essential feature of FIGJAM’s SFA product is Credit Status, which allows sales reps to see the customer’s credit limit and outstanding balances. Helping them make informed decisions pertaining to the sales ordering process when negotiating with customers. Subsequently leading to reduced administration burdens on the back office.


We’ve also introduced a new Quotes feature that enables sales reps to create and share quotes with potential customers quickly. This feature includes the ability to quote multiple times, with a convert to sales order process.

Coming Soon: FIGJAM’s Van Sales App to Boost Sales and Customer Engagement with Promotions Feature

Promotions in Van Sales

In addition to these features, FIGJAM has an upcoming Promotions feature to be added to the Van Sales app. This feature will allow sales reps to offer special promotions to customers, such as discounts or bundled deals, boosting sales and fostering customer loyalty.

Transform Your Sales Operations with FIGJAM

Overall, FIGJAM’s latest product highlights offer powerful tools for sales teams to manage their tasks, credit status, and quotes, while the upcoming Promotions feature is sure to be a game-changer for businesses looking to increase sales and customer engagement.