The leading provider of sales mobility software for the manufacturing and distribution sectors in Africa. Our solutions are easy to use and make it possible for businesses to manage their operations from anywhere, at any time.

sales mobility software for manufacturing distribution in Africa
Secure distribution in Africa

Making Africa’s distribution sector more sustainable

A proudly African app that is designed to alleviate the strenuous tasks of sales and distribution companies, our mission is to enhance business operations, workflow, and overall business management in the African market.

We continuously strive to help African businesses reduce operation times, minimize costs, and effectively monitor field teams. Currently, many super brand distributors in Africa depend on the unparalleled efficiency, convenience, and scalability of FIGJAM’s products, and we aim to make this offering accessible to everyone who needs it.

Our People

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of innovative, driven, and energetic individuals.

We come from a diverse set of skills, experience, and backgrounds. As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients, big or small. We pride ourselves on our strategic, simplified, and integrated approach to business solutions and the results it delivers.


Our History

Harare Zimbabwe About FIGJAM
FIGJAM was founded in 2013, with the purpose of creating a portal through which African businesses can actively manage their field operations. We achieve this by using the latest technology and trends in marketing to reach the highly fragmented and geographically dispersed markets which exist in Africa. FIGJAM currently focuses its product offering in the formalized sector but is starting to make grounds by providing formal systems to help manage sales and distribution in the informal sector as well. Through this, we are making space for African entrepreneurs in the small-scale distribution world.

Our Clients

FIGJAM’s innovative functionality makes business boom

We work with the leading distribution companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. We help companies tackle issues related to scale, productivity, and efficiency in a typical African business environment. We work closely with clients to unlock their business intelligence and support them through execution. We apply our automation expertise in simplifying business operations to boost sales and ensure growth.

Customer Success

Take a look at our case studies


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Promexs is an established and highly recommended retail marketing and merchandising company based in Lusaka. Promexs’ promotional expert services include; merchandising, promotions, marketing, campaign management, consumer surveys and customer service analysis.

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With its origins dating back nearly 70 years, Colcom is a long established household brand name in Zimbabwe, synonymous with a reputation for a very wide range of delicious, hygienically prepared quality processed pork and meat products for differing market requirements.

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