Improved operations efficiency


Lack of information from stores when ordering and long lead times in processing those orders

Imperial Logistics Market Access found success with the help of FIGJAM and their Sales Force Automation platform (SFA). With the ability to disseminate stock and sales reports, Imperial Logistics increased efficiency and accuracy in their operations. Immediate visibility of sales reps and their activities, along with the ability to design custom reports, provided valuable feedback to the management team.

Imperial Logistics Market Access is a leading sales and merchandising company in sub-Saharan Africa. Its main goal is to increase market presence and drive sales growth for its clients. Imperial Logistics Market Access offers extensive coverage of retail, wholesale and pharmaceutical outlets in Malawi. The company helps its clients increase their market presence and drive sales growth.

Imperial Logistics Market Access greatly benefited from the use of SFA in its business operations. When the new Sales Operations Manager joined the company, they had started using SFA, but no one was taking ownership of it. He immediately saw its potential to transform the business.

The SFA platform provided Imperial Logistics Market Access with the ability to collect requirements from stores, and respond to their needs quickly. This greatly improved the efficiency of the company’s operations, as every sales rep and merchandiser had a handheld terminal, such as an Android phone, with the SFA app installed.

Ongoing effective support

Favorite features

Organised and accessible data for optimised decision-making

Customised insights dashboards

ERP Integrations

Imperial Logistics Market Access experienced great support from FIGJAM’s technical team in setting up the integration with Sage. This allowed for quality control of data and the organisation of products into categories. Sales reps were able to capture orders, total them, and invoice them via Sage, giving them visibility of stock on hand at all times. This improved the accuracy of pricing and discounts, as the SFA platform and Sage were able to communicate with each other effectively.

The SFA platform also allowed the Sales Operations Manager to have immediate visibility of the location and activities of every sales rep at any given time. He was able to see how many stores each rep had visited and where they were, allowing him to meet up and provide training if necessary. 

Imperial Logistics Market Access was able to design reports for their specific needs. This provided valuable feedback to the management team on performance and headcount requirements, all backed up by data.

Sales Force Automation has proven to be a valuable tool for Imperial Logistics Market Access in its business operations. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of the business with deep visibility into important details, and it is an excellent decision-making tool, allowing people to make informed decisions based on real-world data. The SFA platform has improved the efficiency and accuracy of the company’s operations and has provided valuable insights to the management team, making it a crucial component of Imperial Logistics Market Access’s success.

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