Imperial Logistics Market Access Transforms with FIGJAM's Van Sales Solution


Manual operations in distribution with little insight into stock stats led to missed opportunities

Imperial Logistics Market Access faced the challenge of managing its van sales operations manually until FIGJAM stepped in with their Van Sales solution. The solution transformed Imperial Logistics’ operations by providing route lists, model stock, and the ability to monitor and measure driver performance. 

Imperial Logistics Market Access’ sales soarded, the number of customers increased, and stock counts were streamlined. FIGJAM’s technical team played a crucial role in ensuring the solution’s success, which was based on factors like increased sales, better coverage, and immediate visibility. The solution provided Imperial Logistics Market Access with valuable data to make informed decisions and assess team performance, enabling the company to work with its principals for market penetration and growth opportunities.

Before they were introduced to FIGJAM’s Van Sales platform, Imperial Logistics Market Access managed its van sales operations manually. The drivers were stocking the vans based on their own assumptions. When they left the warehouse, the company had no view of their sales or how they were conducting business. However, with the implementation of FIGJAM’s Van Sales solution, the company was able to take its operations to the next level.

The Van Sales platform provided Imperial Logistics Market Access with route lists and model stock, making the operations more professional and organised. The company could see the sales of each driver every day and week, and if stock ran out, the company could contact the driver to reload. This provided Imperial Logistics Market Access with meaningful feedback that it could pass on to its management team.

Through the integration with Imperial Logistics Market Access’ Sage ERP platform, the Van Sales platform reduced the potential for errors, and streamlined the entire process.

One of the key benefits of the Van Sales solution was that it provided Imperial Logistics Market Access with the ability to monitor and measure the performance of its drivers. The company could see the number of calls made, strike rate, number of orders taken per call, and the sales of each driver. With this information, Imperial Logistics Market Access was able to make informed decisions, such as adding another van, based on real-world data.

Efficient reporting elevates results

Favorite features

Route lists and Model stock control

Sales and performance tracking with real-time data empowering informed decision making

Streamlined ERP integration

Active support from FIGJAM technicians

As a result of implementing FIGJAM’s Van Sales solution, Imperial Logistics Market Access’ turnover and number of customers increased significantly. The company could also show its customer and geographical base to new principals, and offer exclusive use vans to them.

In addition, FIGJAM’s Van Sales solution helped Imperial Logistics Market Access streamline its stock counts. Stock counts used to take 10 days, but with the solution, it was reduced to just 2 days, allowing the company to get its vans back on the road quickly.

The success factors for Imperial Logistics Market Access’ implementation of FIGJAM’s Van Sales solution were increased sales, better geographic coverage, more customers, and immediate visibility of the vans’ locations. The company was able to report back to its team and principals on performance, providing them with valuable data to make informed decisions.

However, the success of FIGJAM’s Van Sales solution also relied on the app devices working well and being up to date. The technical team from FIGJAM played an important role in ensuring that the solution was functioning as it should, and in doing so addressing any issues that arose.

In conclusion, FIGJAM’s Van Sales solution transformed Imperial Logistics Market Access van sales operations from a manual process to a professional and data-driven one. The solution provided the company with meaningful data to make informed decisions and assess the performance of its team members. Additionally, the solution allowed Imperial Logistics Market Access to work with its principals to execute a market penetration strategy and identify opportunities for growth.

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