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Problem – Challenges Hindering Operational Excellence


Irvine’s main challenge is the lack of streamlined systems, causing operational inefficiencies and hindering the optimal use of digital benefits and stakeholder attention.

  • Lack of standardised systems: In certain markets, manual processes were the primary means of managing field teams and sales operations, leading to operational deficiencies.
  • Diverse systems: The existence of multiple field force systems across the business resulted in inefficiencies and unintended business consequences.
  • Uneven stakeholder attention: Difficulty in ensuring that every stakeholder, including feed resellers, distributors, and growers, received adequate attention from field teams, impacting overall customer satisfaction.
  • Limited digital leverage: The status quo hindered Irvines’ ability to maximise digital and data benefits on the expected scale.

Solution – Comprehensive Automation and Enhanced Data Management

Favorite features

Automated field processes

Streamlined mobile visits

Digital surveys

Real-time data capture through photo uploads

To address these challenges, Irvines Group implemented a comprehensive solution provided by FIGJAM:

  • Automation of Field Processes: FIGJAM automated all field processes, eliminating manual and parallel systems across all African markets.
  • Mobile Visit Management: Implemented functionality to create call cycles/routes and report customer visits, enabling efficient management of service delivery time.
  • Customer Surveys: Automated digital questionnaires for customer surveys, facilitating data collection by field representatives.
  • Data Repository: FIGJAM now serves as a centralised data repository, housing information from every client. This enables analysis and manipulation for more informed decision-making.
  • Photo Capture and Upload: Real-time qualitative data gathering was enhanced through photo capture and uploads into the system, allowing representatives to provide additional context, such as capturing symptoms and competitor activities.

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