Product surveys per month


Field representatives


Problem – Operational Overhaul


Capturing standardised research data

Inefficient KYC data collation

The need for field management coordination

A lack of enablement tools for sales and merchandising operations

  • Lack of Standardised Data Capture: Seed Co faced challenges in digitally capturing research data on product, seed, and crop performance in a standardised manner.
  • Inefficient KYC Data Collation: There was a need for efficient collation of Know Your Customer (KYC) data across the country for prospective and existing growers and farmers.
  • Field Management Coordination: Seed Co required a field management solution to coordinate and track field/customer visits by its representatives.
  • Enablement Tool for Sales and Merchandising: The sales and merchandising teams lacked an enablement tool for generating orders, tracking stock levels/movement, and managing customer delivery quality.
Favorite features

Sales & Merchandising Platform

Mobile Visit Management

Research and Production Platforms

Business Intelligence Dashboards

To address these challenges, Seed Co implemented a comprehensive solution:

  • Sales & Merchandising Platform: Established a platform to track customer visits, create pricing, stock, and competitor activity surveys.
  • Mobile Visit Management: Implemented functionality to track all visits, map customer locations, monitor time spent in the market, and capture photographs.
  • Research Platform: Set up a platform with digital forms for research teams to collate survey data from farmers, distributors, and retailers.
  • Production Team Platform: Provided a separate platform with custom survey forms for the production team to gather research data related to seed performance in the market.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards: Created BI reporting dashboards as per Seed Co’s reporting requirements, facilitating management-level reports.

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