Challenge – Managing Field Operations


Field operations management

Customer visit tracking

Sales enablement (quotes & orders)

Order processing delays

Capturing customer feedback

Sky Pharmaceuticals faced challenges in managing field operations across various markets in Zimbabwe. They needed a field management solution to coordinate and track customer visits effectively. A sales enablement tool was also necessary for generating orders and quotes during these visits. Additionally, there was a significant delay between order generation and fulfilment due to the time needed to manually process orders at the end of the day. The absence of a standardised system for capturing customer feedback limited their understanding of customer expectations and relationship health.

Solution – Integrated Field Management

Favorite features

Field Management Solution (FMS)

Mobile Sales Ordering Platform

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

An integrated mobile sales ordering platform was linked to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to address these challenges. This integration facilitated several improvements:

  • Order Processing: Sales representatives could enter order details directly into the Sales Force Automation (SFA) system, which automatically updates the ERP.
  • Inventory Management: The ERP system checked inventory availability and allocated items accordingly.
  • Order Fulfilment: Departments responsible for warehouse operations and production were immediately notified to ensure timely order processing.
  • Invoice Generation: Invoices were automatically generated upon order fulfilment.

The solution also synchronised static data with the FIGJAM system, improving the management of customer, product, pricing and stock information. Quotation generation became automated, mobile visit management was enhanced to create efficient call cycles, and customer surveys were digitised, enabling better data collection by field representatives. Additionally, Business Intelligence (BI) reports were tailored to Sky Pharmaceuticals’ needs, facilitating detailed operational insights.


Implementing FIGJAM’s field management solutions significantly streamlined Sky Pharmaceuticals’ operations. Real-time order posting to the ERP system reduced processing times and eliminated redundant steps in handling orders. In 2023 alone, 887 distinct customer visits, 7750 jobs, 5400 orders and 648 surveys were captured via the FIGJAM platform. This strategic integration not only optimised their field operations but also strengthened their capability to enhance service delivery across different markets.

FIGJAM, an African software-as-a-service company, provides these field management solutions, catering to sectors like FMCG, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, distribution, and engineering. Our offerings align well with modern digital strategies, supporting businesses with mobile commerce and digital initiatives.

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