The Challenge


Product visibility

Inventory management

Pricing accuracy

Expiry date management

Competitive intelligence

Order fulfilment

How do field team members keep track of a vast range of products across all of their retail outlets? The challenge for the UNBXD team was to ensure that products:
– are available on the shelf,
are presented well, cleanly and neatly,
are correctly priced,
have valid expiry dates, and
stand out among other products. 

In addition, field team members wanted the ability to place orders immediately and know that they were reliably fulfilled on time. Where this did not happen, retailers may use the shelf space for a competing product, and customers would not be able to purchase their preferred option. 

Field teams are also the eyes and ears of a distribution network. The UNBXD team wanted to make use of their presence in stores to find out who the main competitors are, and how they perform in comparison to the incumbent.

The Solution

Favorite features

Real-time inventory visibility

In-app ordering

Route scheduling and optimisation

Automated stock and price checks

Improved order processing and fulfilment

Automatic invoice generation

Business intelligence reporting

FIGJAM worked closely with the UNBXD team to deploy their Sales Force Automation mobile app on field devices. Equipped with a sales tool in their pockets, field team members could now:
– improve their product’s competitiveness in the market,
check stock levels on the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system,
place orders immediately,
set up scheduled call and route cycles,
report back on customer visits and time spent on service delivery, and
do automated stock and price surveys.

By leveraging FIGJAM’s Sales Force Automation, UNBXD was able to improve management and reporting functions. This facilitated several improvements:

Order processing. Sales representatives could enter order details directly into the Sales Force Automation (SFA) system, which automatically updated the ERP.
Inventory management. The ERP system checked inventory availability and allocated items accordingly.
Order fulfilment. Departments responsible for warehouse operations and production were immediately notified to ensure the timely processing of orders.
Invoice generation. Invoices were automatically generated upon order fulfilment.
Finally, Business Intelligence (BI) reports were set up as per UNBXD reporting requirements.

The Impact: 

With the implementation of FIGJAM’s Sales Force Automation, UNBXD has a powerful toolkit to equip their field agents and inform decision-making across the business and for their principals. Where they previously had blind spots concerning product performance and placement, they now have a clear view of every aspect of their sales and distribution. 

Real-time stock survey reports have helped to eliminate stock shortages in retail outlets, leading to increased sales. The business is also better informed about their market by taking advantage of retail audits and market research activities.

FIGJAM, an African software-as-a-service company, provides these field management solutions, catering to sectors like FMCG, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, distribution, and engineering. Our offerings align well with modern digital strategies, supporting businesses with mobile commerce and digital initiatives.

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