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With its origins dating back nearly 70 years, Colcom is a long established household brand name in Zimbabwe, synonymous with a reputation for a very wide range of delicious, hygienically prepared quality processed pork and meat products for differing market requirements. Learn more about Colcom→


  • Remote management
  • Job Tracking
  • Employee efficiency


One of the most difficult challenges of having teams out in the field is how to remotely manage their everyday tasks. Colcom experienced a taxing task in tracking the activity of their merchandising team and supervisors. The issue here further lent itself to effectively gauging performance. Colcom required a means to address remote management and performance management.


  • Check-in
  • Order feature
  • Survey forms

Implementing FIGJAM

Having Colcom’s problems and challenges clearly defined was the first step in finding and implementing a solution.

FIGJAM’s wide range of business tools offered just what Colcom required. Moreover, it was the flexibility of these tools – customising them to Colcom’s request – that truly cemented the implementation of the system.

The adoption of FIGJAM changed the way Colcom does business and improved their operations. FIGJAM brought technology into their operations which directly transpired into formalised daily tasks. Colcom has recently brought on more users of the FIGJAM system.

“FIGJAM provides easy accessibility of information from and to operators…”

Shelton Tsvaki, SALES Manager | ColCom

Gain real-time insights & get custom analytics to help improve your business.

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