Business Intelligence for Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation (SA)

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Cigarette manufacturing and distribution


Johannesburg, South Africa


Gold Leaf Tobacco holds the distribution rights for the following brands: Voyager, RG, Chicago, Sahawi, Sharp and Savannah. Gold Leaf Tobacco manufactures cigarettes of high quality in South Africa for both the South African and export markets. Read more here.


  • Collecting data across 6000+ retail outlets
  • Capturing accurate data in real-time
  • Collating data and transforming it into business intelligence


Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation’s senior sales management needed a solution to provide accurate business intelligence on the availability and visibility for their SKU’s throughout the east coast of South Africa for the duration of their project.
Availability and Visibility data needed to be collected everyday at every store visit. This data would then need to be transformed into valuable business intelligence, a seemingly tedious and impossible task to be conducted accurately and timely if a manual process was adopted.


  • Custom Forms
  • Check-ins/outs


The major challenge lay with collating data across 3000+ formal retail outlets accurately and in real-time with a relatively small field team. FigJam worked closely with GLTC’s management to develop a digital Availability and Visibility Survey through FigJam’s Custom Forms feature. The survey was carefully thought out and tweaked to perfection during the implementation period.
The form was deployed to GLTC’s field team, who quickly adopted the system and began completing 250+ forms each day. The vast amounts of data were processed by FigJam Reports to provide a dashboard of business intelligence which allowed GLTC’s senior sales management to make informed decisions and present accurate reports to their directors.

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