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Le Sel Brands is the sole Marketers and Distributors of  popular cosmetic and skin care brands namely, Nivea, Bio-Oil, Eucerin, Labello and Elastoplast. They also  distribute Vital Health Foods, Serenity, Zambezi Gold Honey, Schwarzkopf, Ladine products in Zimbabwe and supply all the major retail outlets in the country since 1985.


  • Collating information
  • Job Tracking
  • Employee efficiency


The struggle with collecting and analysing business data is relative with most companies. Le Sel Brands had no system to gather information regarding their merchandising & sales rep’s activities in one place. Reporting and business analysis became a tricky and tedious task – especially for selectively comparing results. Furthermore, resources were often misused and there was no way to effectively track their employee efficiency.


  • Order feature
  • Productivity reports
  • Technical support


Le Sel Brands sought out a solution to address their challenges approximately a year and a half ago. FigJam sparked their interest – the extensive features of FigJam offered a strong solution to their problem. Le Sel Brands underwent a pilot program of the system with the FigJam team working closely with their team to ensure the success of the project.
At the end of the pilot, Le Sel Brands decided to deploy FigJam Core to their entire team of field agents. They benefit from the convenience FigJam offers through it’s ease of field team monitoring and scheduled reporting.

“FigJam has changed the way we carry out business operations. Our order turnaround is now faster. We also receive a scheduled consolidated report from FigJam that enables us to monitor our staffs activities per location .”

Noma Ndlovu, Marketing Manager | Le Sel Brands

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