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 FMCG Distribution, Sales & Merchandising


Harare, Zimbabwe


Vaitive Distribution – provide countrywide distribution, delivering to all major formal retail and wholesales brands across the country – more than 400 outlets in total. The companies utilise Warpack, their sister company, for all it’s sales and merchandising activities in the trade.

Warpack – are market leaders in the sales and merchandising industry in Zimbabwe. Warpack’s main objective is to help you increase your presence in the market place and drive sales to grow your business. Warpack provides extensive coverage of all major formal retail and wholesale and pharmaceutical outlets in Zimbabwe with a sales universe of over 400 outlets.


  • Delay in orders & deliveries
  • Time management
  • Overall order management system


Being a large sales, merchandising and distribution company with a vast amount of product lines, Vaitive Distribution and Warpack were fighting an uphill battle with receiving orders and then processing them. Their sales reps had to return to the office to submit the orders and then head back out. This was highly inefficient, resulting in delays in receiving and long lead times in processing orders.

The challenge lay in receiving orders direct from the trade so that the sales reps did not waste time travelling to and from the office and the trade. Additionally, the orders needed to be received directly into their ERP system to further streamline the process and eliminated manual data capturing of the sales orders. Lastly, to compound the challenge, was the question of how to handle the orders for the large product portfolio, segmenting the orders to be received by the correct people.


  • ERP Integrations
  • Orders
  • Instant Email Notifications


FIGJAM’s solution was to set up a multi-client platform to segment each of the product portfolios into their respective databases. This allowed the sales reps to select a company and better manage their sales orders for the large product portfolios.

Through FIGJAM’s ordering tool, the sales reps are able to send their orders direct from the field to head office in real-time, furthermore, these orders are synced directly into each Company’s respective Pastel systems. The automation of this process has significantly Improved their order > invoicing > delivery cycle and productivity out in the field. The end result has meant orders are received in real-time and processed within 5 minutes and delivery times have been reduced to 6 hours!

 “FIGJAM has helped us save so much time where orders and deliveries are concerned. We receive orders in real time as opposed to the following day. Deliveries that used to take 36 hours now get done in under 6 hours. The integration feature is a plus cutting our processing time from 1 hour to 5 minutes.”


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