Turn Your Device Into Headquarters

Generate sales orders, monitor pricing & stocks and keep track of your field teams movements.

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Get visual, survey tracking and order data from the field in real time, easily accessed through our web portal.

Works well on 2G DATA

Works in offline mode

Customizable to each user

Keeps track of your history

Introducing Product Surveys!

Tweaking existing products is key to attracting new buyers and retaining existing customers.

Sales Mobility Gives Business The Upper Hand

Boost revenues with the power of real-time ordering and price feeds. Exceed sales targets month after month.

Manage Your Orders & Stocks Remotely

Assign orders in a timely manner and prevent out of stock events as well as unwanted stock shrinkage.

Minimal Tap Screens Make You Faster

Make lengthy tasks shorter by customising the app to suit your requirements and save big.

Manage Your Work Force Effectively

A secure cloud portal that allows you access wherever you are. Receive real-time data from field teams. Make pro business decisions based on analytics. Get a further plus with Sage and other accounting software integration.

Gain real-time insights & get custom analytics to help improve your business.

Make faster, more precise and effective decisions that can make a competitive difference and help your business achieve greater efficiency.



Including support & training

Including support & training

“Our order taking improved in speed and accuracy immediately, which translated into increased sales volumes. The check in facility is invaluable since we have many merchandisers across the country and as well as multiple staff in Harare and Bulawayo. We can now ensure that they are where they are supposed to be, and for the allotted time, by tracking them. We make frequent use of the photo app as well as price survey requests, keeping us up to date with what is happening in the market.

lINDIE COHAN  | Manager, lobels biscuits

Company Distribution: 467 outlets FigJam User: 3.5 years


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